Témoignages d'anciens combattants:
Albert Crook


  • Albert Crook enlisted in the Canadian Army on July 29, 1915. He was later transferred to the Royal Canadian Engineers and served until March 29, 1919. Collection courtesy of Albert's daughter, Joyce Crook.
  • An example of a sapper using a geophone. Albert Crook was trained to operate a geophone, a device used by both sides during WWI to detect soldiers on an opposing side digging under the trenches.

  • Hat badge for the Royal Canadian Engineers.

  • Albert Crook's Army-issue identification bracelet.

  • The Canadian Corps had a reunion at the Exhibition Grounds in Toronto in 1938. All attendees, including Albert Crook, received this pin.

  • Joyce Crook visited the trenches of Vimy Ridge in September, 2000. Miss Crook is an active member of the East York Historical Society and led a campaign to have a plaque made for East York's Dieppe Park.

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